Writing the Perfect Research Paper for Your Assignment

What is a Research Paper?

Research papers are expanded pieces written to address a particular topic. In the text, the writer presents an argument on the subject while using information collected to prove their point. In college, research papers are used to determine the students' understanding and ability to evaluate and convey a logical argument on the subject area. 

Learning how to craft a research paper will go a long way to guarantee your success in college. However, how you format the report is determined by the teacher's instructions and departmental guidelines. If the teacher specifies the style, they want you to use for the paper, ensure you adhere to the recommendation. In case no structuring style was specified, ensure you follow the formatting standards of the department. Different departments have their rules on how to format research paper. 

What Qualities Does a Good Research Paper Have?

Is my research paper good enough? It is common for students to ask such questions as they write their research. A poorly written research paper can only get you so far with the teacher. That is why it is essential to scrutinize your work and determine whether you are delivering to the instructor's expectations.


Your ideas and writing are developed from scratch, therefore authentic. Any work incorporated into the piece is credited to the author in the correct citation style. 


The orderly and logical presentation of your thoughts is crucial. Your writing is consistent and flows smoothly from the title to the reference page. 

Supports Thesis

The paper is dedicated to proving the thesis. The main idea showcased in the statement is explored and supported by persuasive facts in the article. 


The writing is in good English, and there are no technical inconsistencies in the text. The paper is error-free and follows the rules of language. 

What to Know about Formatting your Paper in APA Style 

APA is a paper formatting style that is commonly used in academic texts. Many research papers in art and social sciences tend to use it while structuring. Mastering the rules of APA will come in handy when allocated a research project. 

Title Page

Chronologically, write your research title, your name, and the institution of affiliation and date. All these elements should be a third way down of your paper. 


In no more than two hundred and fifty words, summarize your research in the next page. Without going into much detail, present the main ideas of your paper. 

The Body

While writing the body ensure;

  1. Use the New Times Roman or Arial for your work. Use either of the fonts at size ten or twelve. Double-space the entire text in your research paper. 
  2. All the headings should be capitalized and centred. They should appear in bold typeface. 
  3. In-text citations should provide the author's name and the years of the source's publication.
  4. The margins situated at the top, bottom, and sides should be at one inch in all the pages. 

Reference Page 

The sources should appear listed here, starting with the author's name and year of publication, followed by the source's full title and city of publication. 

Whenever you have a research project to complete, you can use the helpful guidelines to craft an impressive paper. You can easily submit your research paper; confident you have delivered to your teacher's expectations.

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