Ultimate Guide for Crafting a Personal Statement

What Should I Know About Writing Personal Statements?

Writing a personal statement can be one of the most dreadful tasks of the application process. Even though they are no more than 500 words determining what to write in them could be a struggle. Personal statements serve a crucial purpose in the applications; thus, writing them is inevitable. Students can learn how to craft winning admission essays because they want to increase their college acceptance chances.

Personal statements can be used to one's advantage in that;

  1. Applicants can use them to sell themselves to the admission board by highlighting their strong points.
  2. Students can use them to show how they stand out from other applicants and convince readers why they are the better choice.
  3. To present the person beyond the transcripts and grades. You can use them to show who you are.

Elements of a Well-Crafted Personal Statement 

If you want to craft a winning personal statement, your piece's essential elements should not miss. 

Your Story

Personal statements are an opportunity for the board to know you beyond your grades and a unique story is an excellent way to start. A personal account will give them insight into who you are and show them your uniqueness. 

Your Aspirations

Tell the admissions some of your goals and how acceptance to the institution fits in your plans. Showing them the impact of getting into the college shows them the significance of the application. 

Your Passion

Reflect on why you are applying for the position. Tell the board why this is the path you chose. Use your personal story and professional achievements to show the things you are passionate about. 

Your Achievements

Remember, you are using the statement to sell your strength; therefore, include some of your professional and personal achievements. It will allow you to show your competence with evidence. 

5 Killer Tips for Writing College Admission Personal Statements

Crafting a personal statement that meets the admissions board's standards is no longer a nightmare with some kickstart tricks. 

Specify the Details 

Including your passion and aspirations without going into detail serves nothing for your statement. While brainstorming ideas for your piece, think about them. Describe your experiences in detail; how you felt, saw, and heard. Descriptions will help you add specificity to your explanations. 

Add Your Voice

An excellent personal statement shows the writer's personality. Contrary to the belief, one can include their voice into the admission essay without being informal. 

Be Honest

Where most students fail is trying to impress the admissions with a cooked story. Honesty in your admission essay counts for a lot, and authenticity is a virtue many college boards find impressive, 

Edit the Text

There are different mistakes that students make while writing, and proofreading allows you to rectify them.

Get a Second Opinion

To know whether you are good at writing statements is from readers' feedback. Give the college essays you write to your peers or even teachers. You can also join online writing platforms, upload your work, and receive feedback from other authors. 

Writing college admission essays is a skill that can be self-taught. As you use the given guide, you can learn how to craft a statement to improve your college admission chances.

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