Simple Formats in Essay Writing

Understanding the Different Essay Writing Formats

Different essays require different formats. In most cases, tutors will specify the exact format they want the essay to be written in. It is the student's responsibility to know how these formats work from the cover page, citation, paragraph indentation, and even the reference or bibliography. How well a student writes the essay depends on whether he or she stuck to the specified format rules.

Most Common Writing Essay Formats

Academic essay writing is an easy process when the format is understood. You will not need to do any heavy editing if you format your paper right from the start. There are several common formatting styles used in major academic papers. These include:

  • Chicago forma
  • APA format
  • MLA format
  • Harvard format

Understanding how each of these formats work will help you write precisely and correctly. You do not want to lose formatting scores when they are the easiest to scoop.

APA Format

The APA format is one of the most commonly used formats for college essays. Students who are familiar with this crucial skill have an easy time handling papers with this requirement. The basic structure requirements for this format include:

  1. Using a font size of 12Pts and font style of Times New Roman
  2. Always go for double spacing unless otherwise stated
  3. All your margin inches should be 1inch in size
  4. Your header should be at the top left of each page. This header includes a short essay title whose character should not exceed 50 when the punctuations are included
  5. The essay’s title page should have details with the topic, subject, instructor’s name, admission number, department, and date of submission.

However, despite having these general instructions on how to write the APA format for your paper, stick to your instructor's specifications.

MLA Formatting

This formatting style is not very different from the APA style, making it very common for most essays. Details on spacing, indenting, and citing are similar in both cases. Citation in both instances will also use brackets/parentheses, not to mention that the reference will follow alphabetical order. In both cases, in-text citations include the author's name and page of information.

However, not everything is the same. MLA is distinctly used in humanities and related subjects, whereas APA works for social sciences majorly. The presentation or display of the sources when citing differs as well. For MLA, the in-text citation page number comes at the end of the citation, not what happens in APA.

Chicago Format Specifics

Coming third after the other popular formats in essay writing is the Chicago style. This format dwells majorly on the sources, meaning that the citation is precise, and footnotes are required for the paper to be considered successfully written. The specifics of this format include:

  1. A spaced-out title page. All the details are written in a spacious manner, with each of them appearing at specific locations.
  2. Margins should be 1inh from the right-hand side
  3. Double spacing is recommended for the content with no extra spacing required even between paragraphs
  4. Page numbers are included in the top right of every page
  5. There must be paraphrased or quoted footnotes
  6. Its bibliography should be similar to the MLA

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