How to write a conclusion?

Why conclusion is the most important structural element of each course work?

Surely, this question asks every student who is faced with a similar task. It would seem that the theory has been reviewed, calculations have been made, and even measures have been proposed aimed at improving the current situation. However, one cannot count on a high score without a competent and effective conclusion.

We will try to understand this situation, and also to understand: how to write a conclusion to the term paper in such a way that it does not cause criticism of the teacher. In fact, the goal of concluding a term paper is to summarize and structure the conclusions reached by the student as a result of his scientific research. As a result, it is the conclusion that is able to most fully reflect not only the results of the conducted research, but also the degree of how deeply the author is imbued with the problematics of the topic. Of particular interest is the articulated point of view of the author of the work, which must also be reflected in the conclusion. It is no secret that during the study, the student considers a set of points of view of scientists, who are often diametrically opposed. It is worth noting that the theoretical and practical significance of the study increases significantly if the student has formed his own, different from the existing points of view.

Thus, starting to write a conclusion to the course work, first of all it is necessary to briefly present the main conclusions that were able to draw on the results of the study. You also need to focus on the fact that in the course of work it is necessary to follow the rules for processing the conclusion, which are contained in the methodological recommendations of your educational institution. Within the framework of the presented conclusions, it is advisable to state their position on a particular problematic issue, as well as to clarify what point of view the author holds, if these problems are not devoid of scientific discussions and disputes.

When covering the proposed activities, the author should focus on their social and economic efficiency, since it seems quite natural that ineffective and inappropriate activities are not of interest to theory and practice.

After setting out specific conclusions, it is advisable to summarize the study, for example, to indicate that the issue in question requires further study, and the current situation needs to be improved. However, it is necessary to indicate these points only if it corresponds to objective reality.

The most common mistake of students when writing a conclusion to a term paper is to copy individual paragraphs of the text and paste them into the final sheet.

However, it is categorically impossible to perform such actions, since this conclusion does not have theoretical significance and simply does not reflect the entire amount of work done by the student. As your term paper was not good, the absence of a independently written and carefully thought out conclusion deprives it of its existing merits.

We conclude that the conclusion is nothing but a well-structured, deliberate and logically presented completion of the study, reflecting its essence. Obviously, starting to write a conclusion you need to be especially attentive and focused, because otherwise, you can miss the important point of the course work and, as a result, reduce your chances of maximum score.

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