Here is How to Effectively Write a Short Essay

3 Steps to Follow When Writing a Short Essay

Any idea on how to write a short essay? Like other writing types, short stories follow the normal process of an intro, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion get limited to one paragraph, while the body's length depends on the topic complexity. The main disparity of this type of writing lies in the size of the content. Short essays take about half a page and cover a fascinating topic. Due to the limited space, you should strive to win your readers from the word go. Handling a complex task gives you the option of extending your length. Either way, coming up with an outline is vital in short writing essays.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The introduction defines the direction and purpose of the article. In this type of writing, space does not allow you to give detailed information. Instead, you should summarize the ideas well to catch the reader's eyes and pass the message. Think of an enticing issue to magnetize to the end. A strong thesis statement will keep them waiting for more. Make it brief and straight to the point. Do not forget to mention the main points within your topic.

The central part of your essay revolves around this area. Here, your teachers want you to compile facts, evidence, and arguments. From there, coherently list them down. Include anything that would add value to your content. For example, you can give quotes or dates to argue your topic better. Despite all, maintain the logic aspect by writing in sequence. Ensure to follow the short essay format to avoid jumping over ideas. Try to put similar arguments in one paragraph. You will achieve this by summarizing your content to fit in the limited space. There are no strict guidelines on the body section. But it would help if you started with the most vital points first. Present the weaker ones in the descending order with the lowest at the conclusion. With this approach, your readers understand your thoughts better. If it is an argumentative paper, it helps them make sober decisions on your arguments.

In this last section, summarize the main parts mentioned before. Your thesis statement will guide you on what to say. Conclusions also share the repercussion of your argument. Their main goal is to make your reader analyze what they have learned from your work. Abstain from introducing new ideas not mentioned earlier as they may confuse the readers. If the paper integrates research, ensure to credit them by citations. Do not forget to mention your sources in the references/bibliography and works cited sections. Follow the page format instructions given. The main formats to follow are APA, MLA, HARVARD, Turabian, and Chicago. Remember to proofread your paper before handing it to your teacher. Keep in mind that typing and grammatical errors affect the final grade. It is even worse if you present plagiarized content. Thus, strive to meet the guidelines set to the letter. Most of this information is available online. Your teachers are excellent guides too.

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