Formatting your MLA Essay with Ease

Quick Steps to Formatting an MLA Essay

Whenever you are asked to format your paper in the MLA format, make sure you follow the right steps to successfully submit an excellent paper. Fortunately, MLA is one of the most common and easiest styles to format. When specified in your paper, focus on getting the title page, in-text citation, and bibliography sections correctly.

Writing your MLA paper Like a Professional

Fortunately, you can easily format the paper in MLA by sticking to simple general rules. Keep in mind your paper's specifics in terms of the paper's size, the position of paragraphs, indentation measures, margin measures, and the font sizes and styles. The spacing specifications are also crucial considerations. Apart from these general rules, specific rules cover each section of the write-up, as described below.

Cover Page

Writing a cover page in MLA is unique and different. While the details to be included may be similar to other formats, the arrangement of these details makes it stand out. Some of the components that make up the cover title include:

  1. School’s name
  2. Course name and code
  3. Lecturer’s name
  4. Student’s name and admission number
  5. Date of submission

When it comes to the cover page, follow the instructions given as part of the assignment. This is not a mandatory requirement and should only be included if the tutor has mentioned that you do. When writing the title, be keen on the following:

  1. Write it only when asked
  2. List all the crucial elements on the top left-hand corner of the page except for the tile. All the items should be double spaced.
  3. Put your title at the center of the page after double spacing
  4. The first line of your text and the title should also be double spaced.

Fixing Section Heads

Most academic and professional writers use subheading as an easy way of section content. This also helps readers understand the context without getting bored with continuous prose. When using the MLA format, these section heads must be written correctly. In most cases, the sections should be numbered n Arabic numbers and a full stop, which should then be followed by a space. When doing books, it is recommended that the headings be done uniformly all through the text, even if they will be unnumbered.

Fixing the Running Heads and Page Numbers

Most projects will have a running head, which is the small heading that appears at the top of every page. In MLA format, your running head should include the author’s last name and the specific page number. Its positioning is also crucial and must always be an inch to the right and half an inch from the top. Learn how to add the header depending on the document you are writing the essay on because Google docs will require different steps compared to word documents.

If you are having a difficult time fixing your MLA format, hire seasoned writers to assist. It will cost you a small amount but give you peace of mind.

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