Basic 500 Essay Word Format

How to Format A 500 Word Essay

Writing an essay is a critical part of any student’s education. However, when writing an essay, most people are unaware of how to go about it. The majority of the students pour out their thoughts from their head onto the paper and submit it for grading. While this may apply for composition writing assignments, it does not necessarily apply to all essays. Other students prefer to skip the formatting part and submitting their paper as plain text. On other occasions, some students like to decorate their word essays with different fonts that may be inconveniencing to a reader. As a result, they may earn lower grades, regardless of the quality of research and content presented on their paper. Here are some useful tips you can apply while writing your 500-word essay and improve your performance in class to avoid all this.

  • Brainstorm on an ideal topic
  • Select a thesis statement
  • Outline your thoughts and findings
  • Research for relevant supportive materials
  • Plot your essay

The best essays begin with the selection of an ideal topic. Topics provide the reader with a clear direction of what to expect from the material. It demonstrates the amount and scope of a student’s research regarding a matter. Therefore, you must select an ideal topic that will stand out and attract a person to read your essay to completion. Choosing a perfect subject for discussion can result from a combination of other issues as long as it remains relevant for your given assignment.

Following this, you will need to select a suitable thesis statement. The thesis statement will outline your stand in the essay. Therefore, the reader will be in a better position to understand what to expect from your writing. Once a clear thesis statement has been selected, it is essential to research the said topic and thesis. For your essay to be reliable, your findings must be relevant and updated. A 500-word essay requires extensive research else. The student will find themselves short of the necessary words to write. 

After finding useful resources to support your thesis, you can draft your findings and thoughts. This will help you in organizing your main ideas and ensure your paragraphs have a smooth transition. Plotting your essay is the next step, where you finally plug in your findings on a template.

The Main Components of A 500-Word Count Essay

The most common word count given for most essays is approximately 500 words. While some students may consider this to be a brief essay, the majority of others have no idea of how to go about it. Essentially, a 500-word essay consists of paragraphs of between seventy to one hundred and thirty words. These paragraphs are divided into: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The introduction section presents the reader to the essay and explain their stand through the thesis statement. This paragraph needs to be captivating for a reader to keep reading through the paper. Therefore, as a student, you need to select words to use carefully. The body sections contain supporting materials of the thesis and must have a straightforward transition for the reader to comprehend. The conclusion briefly touches upon the thesis and supportive findings. Nothing new is introduced in this part. Essentially, conclusions are meant to give the reader a sense of closure.

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